Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day.....

Now that I am the proud owner of a new Irish passport, I feel it is even more important that I embrace my Irish-ness and with it, take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

As I child and into my adulthood I was always part of my family's St. Patrick's day celebrations, even on a school night!  All day long my mum would be boiling up crubeens (pig's trotters), tripe and onions and lambs tongues, all 'delicacies' that my dad and his friends loved, and these would be wrapped in foil or put in plastic containers to take out to the local Catholic club in the evening, when a fair few pints of The Black Stuff (Guinness) would be consumed to accompany the Irish dishes!!  I'll never forget how greasy everything would feel afterwards, door handles, tables, glasses...YUCK!!!  And no, despite my new Irish citizenship, I've never acquired the taste for any of the above!

Here is a little Irish Blessing for you!

I don't think I have any dolls clothes in green but here is Marisol wearing shades of is after all, the colour of the Irish Sea when it's not stormy!!!!

Who knows, one year I might even have clothing for my dolls that reflects 'special occasions'.....but it's highly unlikely as I'm not that organised!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the week ahead is a great one for you!

Big hugs, Sharon x

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dollstown Seola ....

You all must know by now that I love dolls with expressive faces, whether they be sad, grumpy or in this case pretty forlorn!  I don't know why but they appeal to me more than happy dolls....I have had happy smiling faces in the past but they just don't seem to stay here long!  Here is an example of one of those who only stayed a short while because his happy open mouth drove me nuts!!!!  (Looks like I wasn't the only one who was driven nuts by this little one's constantly open mouth!!!)

So when I saw this gorgeous Dollstown Seola on a DT7 (7 year old style body) for sale on Den of Angels I just had to go for her.  I had been watching Ebay and DOA for more than 6 months in case a Dollstown girl came up for sale but the couple that did, were both outside of the EU and I really couldn't afford to pay customs on top of the price of the doll, so when this lovely girl was put up for sale by a seller in the UK, I jumped on her!  She came with pink eyes and a mid brown straight wig so I immediately changed her eyes to these brown glass ones and then set about finding the perfect wig for her from my overflowing wig box.   You will also see that she has white eyelashes, I think these will eventually go and she'll have natural brown ones.

I finally settled on this Tibetan lambswool wig that I made for my Little Darlings, which is actually too small but because I liked it on her, I decided to adapt it a bit.  It still falls off, being a bit small, but I'm working on that!!

Seola will now be known as Mouse after a dear friend of mine who encouraged me to go for her when I showed her the 'for sale' thread!!!

In the photos below she is borrowing a dress and leggings from my Kaye Wiggs girls but today I made her a new dress and will take some more photos soon and share them on here.

I love her delicate waif-like appearance..... (please excuse the stray hairs, it was windy!)

Even Yoda seemed keen on this girl! ;)

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you're having a great week :)

Hugs Sharon x

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dog walking.....

Today I had some help with dog walking!  Sam, my Elfdoll Hana Angel, who is just 20cm tall, took one of the Chihuahuas out for a walk ;)

Knitted dress and hat were a gift from my dear friend May in Australia, who went by the name Maisiedoats on Ebay and Etsy.  May died some years ago now and so my knits by her are extra special to me.  Leggings/tights and boots from Cool_Cat in Hong Kong.

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely 'rest of the week' !

Hugs Sharon x

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Little white elephants!

My dear friend Magdalena gave me a lovely big piece of fabric last week, telling me to use it to make something for my dolls.  How could I refuse!  So today I made a dress for one of my Wichtel girls, Christel, from Schildkrot.  The poor girl hasn't had anything new since she got here last summer!  So as you can imagine, today she is very happy!  Her sweet little bear was a gift from our dear friend Ginger, but for one of my Sasha girls!  Christel says she's just borrowing it!!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!

Big hugs, Sharon xxx

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just some old photos.....

My son is over here for a week on holiday and so for the next couple of days we are at home and my dolls, apart from one, are I thought I'd share some old photos as I've not had the time or the resources to take new ones.  I hope you enjoy seeing these 'oldies' from my 'adopted out doll' photo archives :)

This first little girl was Judy, a Caio Bella tanned Judy by Bambicrony in South Korea.  She was a sweet little thing and had a lovely face up.  I remember selling her as I needed the money for another 'must have' doll, thinking that I could easily replace her at a later date. 

And I did indeed replace her!  With another tanned Judy with the same sculpt and face painting.  I used the same plum coloured glass eyes and even the same wig (not in the photo below of course) but this doll never seemed to 'hit the spot' like the first Judy, so she also was sent out into the world for adoption!!! 

The next photos are of one of the Blythes I customised some years ago.  I called her Candi but she was actually a Blythe Border Spirit.  In the first photo you can see how she looked after I worked on her, I was really pleased with how she came out.

After a while I thought she might benefit from pink hair so I dyed her blond hair using a cherry coloured fabric dye, and it came out this great deep pink colour!

Some time afterwards I rerooted her scalp with a soft baby pink hair and put it into two plaits.  I also gave her some freckles.  My friend Janet Myhill Dabbs fell in love with her and asked if she could adopt her, so last year Candi went to live in the UK where she is happy being Janet's first (and I believe, only) Blythe.

This next doll was called Briar and she was sculpted by the American artist Anita Collins, also known as Sleetwealth.   Briar was a very limited edition doll but I just had to have her!  I loved her haughty look, she was so beautiful but also very aloof looking, her serious but elegant sculpt really appealed to me.  However, I have to admit that really I am not a collector of more mature sculpted dolls, preferring child dolls, so this lovely girl didn't stay here long.  But I enjoyed photographing her whilst she was here.

Having said that, she did do a great job babysitting these two little Lati White tiny Belles, who really could be a handful sometimes!!

The next lovely girl is a Hello Harvest Blythe customised by the very talented Spanish artist Barb McFly Stark, also known as Little Miss No Name.  This was my first custom Blythe and I just fell in love with her the minute I saw her up for sale.   After a couple of years here, Cali, as she was called by the artist, went to live with another friend in the US.

The next photos are of a small Yosd sized BJD (ball jointed doll) from the now defunct company called Custom House.  She is an Ange Ai Honey Hani and she really was a sweet doll.  She was made before the company started to have problems and she arrived within a month after me ordering her and she was in perfect condition.  Sadly this wasn't the case with later dolls and there were horrendous problems for collectors who not only waited more than a year for their dolls but found that they were full of problems once they arrived.  :(

The little girl in the following photos also came from Custom House and she is the same size as the one above but she is an Ange Ai Uri who I had home tanned and painted by the Spanish artist Olga Ramirez, also known as Vainilladolly.  She was a real cutie but went to live in the UK a couple of years ago. 

These overalls have been worn by many of my dolls over the years.  As they were the first pair I made in this size, I decided to keep them and they really have had a lot of wear, from being worn by tall girls like this one, or with rolled up legs for shorter girls.  In the photos below they're being worn by Ganga by Dollstown, she was approx 45cm tall and had a very slim build.  She is another doll that I'd like to own again but probably would prefer her in light tan rather than this skin colour that I had before as it's a challenge to photograph her pale resin in the bright sunshine we get here.

Wonderfully grumpy profile!

Finally for now, some photos of another long gone girl, a tanned Mini Riz by Planetdoll with a custom faceup by Mystical Maz on Den of Angels.  This doll was a lovely one, very slim and child-life with the serious expression that I love, although not a great poser.  I don't really regret that she is no longer here, after all I can't keep every doll that I buy, but when I see her photos I do wonder about her!!

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my old photos in the absence of anything new, but I'll soon have some new photos for you, hopefully!  I hope you're all having a great weekend and hope the week ahead is a good one for you!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dolly makeovers!

This week I've been busy with my Blythe dolls.  I think the renewed interest in them is because I'm going to the Blythe Con Europe in May as it is being held here in Malaga, at a venue just 25 minutes drive from here.  I'm really looking forward to it and as I'll be taking one or two Blythes with me, I decided that a couple of them could do with a bit of freshening up.

I decided to give Heather, my Heather Sky, a full makeover, so she has had a bit of extra carving and new face makeup as well as new eyelashes and eyelids.

Heather's eyelids were originally painted but after rubbing the paint off I decided to cover them with thin self adhesive fabric.  I had to sand the eyelids down quite well so that the fabric didn't catch on the eyelids when opening and closing her eyes.

She also got some pretty new blue grey eye chips.  I'd intended to always have her with different shades of brown chips but thought these blues would make a nice change.

Next up was my Vainilladolly custom Blythe, she got a different scalp to wear.  I rooted this scalp several years ago and finally someone can make use of it.  I think this style and colour suits her quite well.  (Apologies for the loose and flyaway hairs, it was quite a windy evening!)

After working on the Blythes, I decided it was time to work on my Tonner My Imagination doll as I've been saying for a while now that she needed different eyes.  I cut a hole in the top of her head under her wig and then cut into the vinyl at the back of her eyes.  I removed the vinyl and then, pushing from the front, removed her default acrylic eyes.  However, having tried her with several other pairs of eyes, I decided to go back to her original eyes again as they suited her, it was just the placement of them that was all wrong.  I also attached more natural upper eyelashes.

Here you can see that just the tiniest adjustment to the placement of the eyes can take a doll from having that weird "deer caught in headlights" look, to a more natural non staring gaze.  I hope you'll agree that it looks much better this way.

This is the 'before' photo, you can see that her eyes look very 'round' and staring, as if she is in shock:

 And now you can see that she looks far more natural, the eyes have just been lifted up slightly to show a tiny area of white underneath the irises, this softens her whole look:

Finally today I made a new dress for my Fairyland Mini Fee tanned Chloe.  I used a pattern I'd not used before and found the bodice was rather big on her so I took it in down the front then created this 'frill' using a strip of the fine knit fabric of the dress to cover the seam.  All I need to do now is remember to make adjustments to my pattern before I forget!!!

Well I hope you've liked seeing what I've been up to over the last week!  Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :)

Big hugs, Sharon xx