Saturday, February 17, 2018

A new dress for Jo (Zwergnase Junior Miriam)...

I had a little bit of time to do some sewing in the last couple of days so thought I'd make a dress for Jo, my Zwergnase 55cm Junior Miriam.  She's a lovely size to sew for but I'm not sure that I've found her style yet! 

I used this cute cat fabric that I bought at the big Craft Show last December, and added some rick rack in pink, plus a few pale pink tiny buttons.  I thought black and white striped socks would work well with this outfit but I don't appear to have any here at the coast!  So she is wearing a pair of two tone pink striped human baby socks and grey human baby boots, both from Primark!



Thank you for visiting, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy St Valentine's Day

Happy St Valentine's Day from my dolls and me here in Spain.....I hope you like this old but 'updated' photo of Bailey and Devlin, it's one of my favourites!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Himstedts get some camera time.....

This weekend we spent time at our house in Sevilla Province as my son Brendan is here for a week from the UK and wanted to spend a bit of time seeing his friends.  Apart from the fact that the house is like an ice covered in it's not been lived in for ages, it was nice to be back, if only for a short time.  But yes, the house was COLD!  I wore so many clothes to bed, including a knitted hat, that when I got up this morning it was like peeling an onion to get in the shower, so many layers...and still I was cold!!! 

However today it was lovely in the sunshine in our sheltered garden, so I decided to take some photos of my Himstedt girls as I miss photographing them as they're just too big to have with me at the coast. 

So first we have Kiomi, who I call Kimmie.  Kimmie is from the Himstedt Kinder 2005
"World's Children Summit", she is 82cm or 36 inches tall, and she represents a child from Japan.  I love her eyes, which unfortunately you cannot see very clearly here as the sun was so bright!  She is from a limited edition of 713 dolls.  Kimmie is wearing real children's clothes and sneakers. 


Secondly we have Sidika, who is 73cm tall (28.5 inches) and is known here as Sydney.  Sydney is from the same 2005 collection as Kiomi, but she represents a child from India.  She is also from a limited edition of 713 dolls.   I love her sweet childish face and her open mouth and little teeth showing!  Sydney is wearing a dress and blouse that I made for her using my own patterns.  Her boots and tights are for real children.

Both girls have human hair wigs and their gorgeous eyes are hand blown glass paperweight eyes which I believe are made in Germany.

Sydney was distracted by some white doves on the roof of our house! ;) 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing Kimmie and Sydney playing in the sunshine in our garden!  I'm sure you'll agree that Annette Himstedt has done a fantastic job of representing real children in vinyl.   If you'd like to see more photos of Himstedt dolls, which are sadly no longer made, there is a lovely website here that I can highly recommend for some gorgeous eye candy! 

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you have a great week ahead and that you're not too cold where you are :)

Hugs Sharon x

Monday, February 5, 2018

Latest Kidz n Cats customisation....

I thought I'd share some photos of my latest custom work on a 2016 Kidz n Cats Lena.  I will probably be putting this girl up for adoption very soon.  Lena is brand new, I bought her just to customise, so she's never been played with. She's had the 'full works' including new glass eyes, full makeup, new eyelashes and I've also hot glue sueded her legs and neck to make her hold poses better.  She is from 2016 and her body is nice, her legs do not snap back straight like some of the earlier bodies did.  Her wig is her original as I thought it suited her well, it's not glued down and she still has the ribbons that she came with, I just forgot to put them back in her hair!.  She is wearing her default outfit:

Thank you for visiting, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  My son Brendan is arriving tomorrow night from the UK, to visit with us for a week!!!  I'm very excited!!!

Big hugs, Sharon xx

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trying outfits for size....

Jo, my new Zwergnase Junior Miriam has been trying on outfits for size as, at 55cm tall she is the biggest of my 'play dolls', excluding my two Himstedt dolls, and so far we haven't got much to wear in her size!  I tried lots of things on her and had intended taking more photos of her in different outfits, but Sods Law the weather today has been dreadful with really, really high winds that have smashed several of our flowerpots and uprooted trees locally, not conducive to taking dolly photos!  So I will just show her in the one outfit I photographed yesterday......

I made these overalls/dungarees for a Super Dollfie sized BJD so they are way too long on Jo but they do fit her quite well elsewhere, so she is wearing them for the time being.  They really could do with an extra snap put on the sides where the gingham pocket backs are, as she is currently showing off her knickers from the side!  I guess she has a bigger tummy than the BJD they were made for!!

Her hat is from another doll who's name escapes me but one of the doll companies here in Spain....

Leoni (Violet) also got a change of outfit this week but hers is new and I didn't make it, I bought it's nice to have someone else do all the hard work sometimes!  I really like this fine needle cord jacket and skirt with the orange long sleeved top and the striped leggings.  The hat and ankle warmers are from Kidz n Cats.

And finally, just a quick photo of the beach and the sea taken a couple of days ago on my afternoon walk....yes the morning one was missed as I overslept!!!

The afternoons at this time of year are also great for walking except that Lucy and I keep getting caught up by the local goatherds and their hundreds of goats as they walk through the campo as we do!!  Lucy goes berserk and wants to 'help' with rounding them up.....whilst I always seem to get embroiled in conversations about the weather....and we don't get very far very quickly!!!

The goats are very interested in Lucy and not in the least bothered by her mad barking at them!  

Well, thank you for visiting, I hope you've all had a good weekend and that you have a great week ahead!

Big hugs, Sharon xx

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Kidz n Cats Makeovers.....

I've been a bit busy over the last few days but didn't want to let my New Years 'resolution' to post here more regularly, slip within the first month!  So please forgive me for not posting new photos but I thought I'd share some photos of the few Kidz n Cats makeovers that I've done since discovering these dolls a few years ago.

I started out doing one for myself, this was my first Kidz n Cats doll, she was Grace, known as the 'classic face'  from 2015 if I remember rightly and I gave her a full makeover, including new wig, new glass eyes, and new makeup.

Here is her 'before' photo:  (sorry it's a bit blurry)

You can see she was a cutie to begin with but I just wanted to make her more 'mine' if that makes sense.

Here she is with her whole new look,  her lovely grey glass eyes and Monique Gold Roxie wig:  She turned into quite the tomboy!

You can see I had a lot of fun sewing for her too!  However, I decided to send her to a new home so then there was Elise!

Elise, who is still here, is from 2013 and she went under the knife too, becoming my little Afro Caribbean girl.....she got the full treatment, and I love her pouty little face.

Before photo:

And after.  Elise was given golden brown eyes and her wig is a Monique Christine which I styled into two plaits and then cut shorter, plus cut some shorter tendrils into the front to soften the look.  (You can see my girls have to share their clothes! LOL )

After this I decided to buy a sculpt that hadn't really appealed to me previously, what is known as the 'mischievous' sculpt, a Julika, from 2015.  I wanted to see what the sculpt was like in 'real life' and also I liked the outfit!

Before photo:  She was actually rather cute but I didn't like her wig which felt really very synthetic. 

But I did like this outfit which was multilayered and appealed to me.....

I gave her the 'full works' including blue glass eyes and a red wig, which I think suited her mischievous face, plus added freckles.  I liked her better this way but still she wasn't one of my favourites so she went to live elsewhere!!

Then I started to get requests to custom dolls for other people, the first two girls came for a visit from Switzerland.  The first is 'classic face' Laura who is the same sculpt as Grace, above.  Her mum wanted her to have a similar colour wig to her original, but not the same style, which was very curly and brown eyes.  Because the Kidz n Cats come with acrylic eyes, I replaced her originals again with glass, this time in deep brown, and her wig is a Monique Gold one, if I remember rightly it's a Geneva. 

Before photo:  (Sorry this isn't my photo, I forgot to take one before I started on her!)  She was pretty but her hair was a mess, again synthetic feeling and easily tangled.

After her full makeover:

The second girl to visit from Switzerland is Stine, who is known as the 'sweet face', and is also from 2013. 

Before photo:  Stine looked cute but her lips were very pink, as if she were wearing her mother's lipstick! 

After her makeover, she had pretty blue glass eyes and a trimmed Monique Gold Jojo wig....

Next came a girl from the South of France, her name is Rosie and she is also the 'classic face', she's from 2015.  Her mum wanted her to have a full makeover but to keep her default wig and eyes as the hair colour suited her well, and her acrylic eyes were a particularly pretty colour green.

Here is her before photo:

After photos:  I gave Rosie the full makeover, plus some freckles as I felt they suited her 'outdoorsy girl' look...

My latest Kidz n Cats makeover is Alice from 2016, she is the 'mischievous' face, which as I said above, wasn't my favourite but her brown eyes and hair appealed to me, so I adopted her.  I decided to keep her default wig but cut it short and of course she got the full works, including deep brown glass eyes.  She is now known as Scarlett, (thanks to Farrah Lily!), and you've seen quite a few photos of her recently, so I will just add a couple here:

Her before photo:

And her after photo:

Finally, I was tempted by another 'classic' face sculpt on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and little Lena arrived earlier this week from Germany.  She is going to get a full makeover very soon, maybe I will even make a start on her tomorrow!  So please watch this space if you like seeing dolly makeovers :)

Thanks, as always, for visiting, I hope you've enjoyed seeing these girls again.  I hope you'll drop by to see Lena when she's ready to show herself!

Have a great weekend! 

Big hugs, Sharon xx